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  There are three hiking trails of unparalleled natural beauty to visit in the surrounding area:

The path Ai Giorgis - Plakes
The path next to lake Volvi
The path Makedonika Tempe - Castle Rendina

  Selecting the first path, you will make a trip to the beautiful forest of Kerdylia mountain characterized by rich variations in vegetation, that will lead you to the Byzantine monastery St. George which was built in the mid-16th century. At the end of the path you can rest on the plates where you can admire the view across the bay Strymonikos.

  The star the second path is Lake Volvi, the Wetland Information Center Koronia - Volvi, the tribune of the Apostle Paul, a perennial plane tree, the observation of birds, a colony of herons and the lake side forest of N. Apollwnia. 

  The path of Makedonika Tempe offers constantly landscape changing, as Rihios river breaks divides the valley in two. The vegetation, that mainly consists of large trees, willows, lindens, elms and ash, the many herbaceous species and shrubby plants, such as helmets, fern and poppies, the impressive presence of climbing plants such as ivy, along with raptors, reptiles, and the 87 bird species are guarantee that this journey will be unforgettable!

  Mountain, Lake or the valley of Makedonika Tempe? The choice is yours.